Archery Courses

 Archery Beginners Training Courses.

**Please note** we have a long list of people who have asked to sign up for beginners courses with us.  We unfortunately will not be able to get through everyone this year, so we won’t be able to take on any new sign-ups this year.


Why Should I Take an Archery Beginners Course?

You are required to have completed an Archery Beginners Course (Basic Training) before you are allowed to join or even shoot in most Clubs. All ArcheryGB/GNAS clubs across the whole of Britain accept  our course as proof of competence

How Do I Join an Archery Beginners Course?

You should take a look at the list of Archery Beginners Course dates on offer and pick the one that suites you best. You should only sign up if you can make all three consecutive dates because NO REFUNDS or certificates will be offered if you fail to attend all of your sessions. Once you have decided which course date is for you then download the application form. Complete it and send it along with your fee of £50 to the address at the bottom of this page. You will then receive a confirmatory letter to confirm your place on the requested course
For all enquirers regarding our Archery Beginners Courses contact Dave Young   HERE .

Do I Qualify for an Archery Beginners Course?

Archery Beginners Courses are open to a wide range of people and we cater for any age over twelve but children under fourteen must be accompanied by a parent or guardian whilst on club premises at all times.

What do I need to do before I Start the Archery Beginners Course?

    • If you long hair you should tie it back.
    • If you wear ear rings then they should be removed prior to shooting

 Our Archery Beginners Courses are generally run over three consecutive Sundays commencing at 12 noon until about 5 o clock and all equipment  is provided. Tea and coffee are also available free of charge but you could consider bringing some snacks as it can be a long day. Oh and don’t forget some suntan lotion and a rain coat as British weather can be changeable!

You will at the end of each session be given an opportunity to give feedback to the coaches about the days training and they in confirm your progress to date and provide you with some paperwork to reinforce the information you received  verbally.

The Certificate

You will be taught here at our award winning club by a team of highly experienced and talented coaches in a friendly yet well structured manner

You will receive your certificate at the end of the three sessions providing you have been making  progress. It is recognized by all Archery GB (GNAS) clubs and shows that you have undergone basic training and are therefore safe to carry on developing your skills in the sport of target archery.

 The course reading material can be found HERE.

You may also wish to avail yourself of some other useful reading material before you attend so please look at the INFORMATION page and the rest of our website.

Available Courses

**We have no spaces available for 2022. 

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