Over time as more items are added, I hope for these pages to become an extensive reference for all things archery. This will accomplished by the use of links to existing online resouces and newly compiled articles exclusively found on this site.

The Basics

 G.N.A.S Beginners Course Manual To help you get a feel of what to expect on our Training Course.

Scoring A brief guide to get you started

10 Steps to a Perfect Shot Minutes to read a lifetime to master

Glossary To help you cut through the jargen

General Archery Information

Flodden A brief history of the Battle of Flodden.

50 Years of The LAA A history of the Lancashire Archery Association.


SHOOTING ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURES Rules and qualifying criteria for classification






Alan’s Archery Pages This site is not a comprehensive guide to anything.  It is devoted to all the bits and pieces of archery that interest me most and on which I think I have something to say.  That means that – for the time being – it concentrates on Field Archery and shooting compound bows with a release aid.

Compound Bow Setup and Tuning simple easy to follow instructions

Recurve bow Setup and Tuning a comprehensive guide to the subject.

Easton Arrow Tuning An easy to follow set of tuning instructions with lots of useful information

Arrow Selection

Arrow Selection Charts An essential reference for all none wooden shaft archers

The Longbow Shop
The Longbow Shop
Club Mark
Club Mark